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December 07, 2009


Lisa Hodge

Cute pict. of those girls! Love that little house book! OH, and my Monday... well, I woke up sneezing my head off and felt pretty tough, but went on in to work because I only have 2 more days AND THEN I'M QUITTING! That's right.. Thursday is my LAST day after 7 years!I will be a SAHM! (Always wanted to say that!) Oh, and I took my 18 yr. old son for his driving test and he is now an official licensed driver!! Still feel bad this evening, but at least I'm almost done with work and can look forward to my very first PDW kit!!I can't wait to get it and play!! Hoping your Tuesday is a better day! Smile! God loves you!!
Happy Scrappin' and Merry Christmas!
Lisa H. in Arkansas


Um LOVVVVEEEE that idea - SOOOOO cute! Can't the dollar spot make any day better?! However, seems like I have a case of the Mondays too . . . I am always exhausted on Mondays and seems like Mondays are always the busiest day of the week :( BUMMER. However I got excited to see you updated the blog AND have cute ideas for us . . . THANKS AS ALWAYS . . . Hope everyone has a TERRIFIC TUESDAY :)


Funny this should come up! My hubby just asked me a few minutes ago if things were better because he said I was having a pretty rough Monday evening when I got home from work! It was stinkin cold today, but at least it didn't rain (or snow). I don't mind the snow except when people don't know how to drive in it and abandon their cars on the freeway!


Wow Michelle, It's great how you are able to see something and change it in your mind to something waaaaaaaay cuter!


monday days are busy at work (as usual)but nice and calm at home after work. bought dinner to take home so NO COOKING for me. tuesdays are much better.

love the book idea too. and i was just at target sunday. didn't even stop there this time.


The cleaning lady was here this week :) I de-cluttered. The girls came home from school and put the ornaments on th tree. I was supposed to get my new dishwasher installed but not all the parts were included and the stores were closed by the time we were doing it, so hopefully today.
Super cute book. Love whatever it is that you used for snow.


haha! My Monday was crazy!!! got both kids off to school-@ different times of course, did a little shopping, then had a parent/teacher conference that I walked home from in the pouring rain/wind...then my super crazy pug bam-bam was inside all day>>>and I swear I almost went crazy cuz he was barking and whining allllllllll day. oh and my fence fell down in the backyard(so that means said dog is inside AGAIN today)ugh!!!
so anyways!!!!!!! LOOOVE the Target spot book transformation...I will be doing that for sure! you rock M!!! :)
hope your Tuesday is going better!


My Monday I'm glad to say was amazing. LOVE a rainy day, went to the gym and had a great workout, and then went to my boys school band concert which was great. Hope your Tuesday is a better day.


Hope your Tuesday is better than your Monday....at least it's not raining anymore. :)

Love what you did with the book! What a great idea!!


Hope your Tuesday is better too. Kits were supposed to ship yesterday, are they shipping today instead?

michelle hill

Hi molly the kits will ship on thursday....have a great day


monday is mother and toddler swimming class so that sorts out most of the afternoon for us :)


I had a not-so-great Monday, so I'm glad it's Tuesday. :) I love what you did with the book! :) Have a great day!


I think house shaped "albums" are the cutest!!! Hope you are having a better Tuesday!! :)


Cute as always!
Monday-spent it cleaning my home for our USMC party on Friday.


Uh yah my Monday was spent sitting at jury duty ALL DAY long!!! UGH!!! They didn't even really let us out early! Oh well. Love the book!


ok your brain is so creative!!I would have never thought of that- love that you left the cover the same as it was -- such a cute book - I do't think ours has those anymore! My monday was good! our coughs are getting better! Snowed here and it made drive to school longer but we made it safely there and back!!!


EEEEEEEE!!! I am squealing with delight over this idea - thank you so much for that lightbulb moment :)

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