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February 22, 2010



looks like fun- I can't wait for this new kit!!! I'm so excited to get it!

cathy b.

Hi Michelle, Thanks SOOO much for your email. I appreciate it. I'm so sorry to hear that about your button supplier! Bless their hearts...how awful!! Glad everyone was ok.

Omg, your Love Crop --look at all the prettiness!! Looks like you all had a blast. My weekend (which was my b-day) consisted of staying in and taking care of a sick little girl. Ah well, we still celebrated at home :)


We had soooo much fun!!!! Thanks for a great time! Hope to see you soon!

Debi Henderson

Michelle - I had such a great time! Thank you SOOOOO much for everything - can't wait to do it again!

shana tehrani

Wow--those strawberries look super yummy! And every clearly is having a blast.

My weekend was ok--had to work on Sunday (bummer) but my 7-year old son had a bday party to go to so I had fun watching him be crazy with his pals.

Keely Yowler

Love all of those great pics! That layout is just gorgeous. I wish I could have come to play with you, gals :)

My weekend was good. Lots of running with the kiddies (always), but took time to create some pretty cards.


Love the picks- you creative gals are messy! The treats look so yummy- and perfect for your pink room!
I took my just 2 year old nephew to the park on Saturday- that was my big excitement for the weekend!
I am going to a crop this Saturday though- and getting excited about it.
Thanks for a chance to win the layout.
Glad you button people were ok, how awful for them though!

Robin M

Awww- That looks like tone of fun!!
I had a great weekend even with the rain. We love the rain here in Phoenix. I had a birthday party to attend for a 4 year old on Saturday. On Sunday I got to sleep in and then do laundry and create in between the wash cycles.


cute layout!! looks like you had fun this weekend...

my weekend was okay. i had to work a full day on saturday, which is not something that i usually have to do. i'm usually just a monday-friday girl. it wasn't too bad, though... :-)


It looks like a good time was had by all. As for my weekend... I was at a drumline competition all day saturday (thus missing your crop ;(


Hi Michelle,

Looks like fun! We were busy with cookie sales and a basketball tournament.....did you get my mssg? Karen


thanks for the great time! can't wait to do it again soon.


Samantha Wales

very cute layout. My weekend was kind of mixed emotions. My uncle passed away and we went to Sylacauga to his memorial service Friday. The kids and I stayed and made a weekend of it. We walked around downtown Sylacauga and shopped and had ice cream. On the way home we stopped and took some pictures of a beautiufl old church and it's cemmetary. My uncle will be missed but memories of the weekend with my kids will be cherrished forever.


That layout is ADORABLE! I need lessons in making flowers ;0) My weekend well has been the same for the last 2 months...stuck on the couch with a bad foot injury, but hopefully weekends like this will soon come to an end. Your crop looks like so much fun and the food YUM!

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