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May 28, 2010



The new website looks great- but the first page is the only one in a language I recognize!

Monica Robinson

the link is not working... Is the crop full already?


Want in on the crop but link not working.

Cheryl Rodda

oh I so want to come back to CALI for this!!!

Jen LoSchiavo

I am signed up for the crop. Will we be getting an e-mail or something with more info? Like budget hotels in the area?


I still can't see the website, not using Firefox or IE. Anyone else able to access the site?


Molly, I can see it just fine. hmmm


I can see it now.
Anyone heard anything about June kits???


nope :*( I hope they come soon! Hope Michelle fills us in soon!


I have been emailing since Monday to see if in fact the kits had even shipped and have gotten no response.
Pretty upsetting since she will be expecting us to pay for July's kit in 4 days and we have no idea when or if June's was shipped.

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