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October 21, 2010


Michelle Devine

DTs are the best!!!! Being able to share inspiration with other creative gurus ROCK. Being part of one has always pushed me to new levels in my creativity and seeing what others do keep that creative passion alive!!!!

Miss you tons my sister from another mother. Wish I could be at your crop this weekend!

julie w

I get the best ideas from others work so inspiration is important from the DT....I also love the challenges they come up with ;)


For me the DT is important because they invariably have ideas and ways of using products and items in the kit I would never dream of!

Julie Bonner

For me, I like DT's because I enjoy seeing how different people use the same supplies :) I also think having a variety of papercrafting styles on a DT is a wonderful way of showcasing how versatile a kit/supplies can be to work with. Plus, with a variety of styles, I am usually encouraged to try something "out of my comfort zone" - which is always fun to do :)


I get creative "block" sometimes and need some inspiration.


i love design teams because they always get my creative juices flowing...someone always does something that i've never seen before and i am always inspired

Cathy B.

For inspiration and ideas. I get stuck more times than not, so I look to others and their pages for help!


DTs are a source of inspiration. If you a little stuck for ideas all you have to do is browse through their brilliant creations and you will be looking at your kit in a different light.

Mary Ann

For me, a DT is the link to the kit itself. You get to see how the kit is used, and see it on so many different levels. Given the same supplies, everyone comes up with their own designs, and what better way to showcase all those different ideas!! I love the inspiration, and sometimes that push to try something new.

Michelle Perkins

I absolutely LOVE Design Teams! It is amazing to me to see the different take that each member has when it comes to the same product. I love the adversity of it all! There is so much talent to look at and to be inspired by! You can learn so much from so many, and I think DT is the top ticket to that knowledge!


I love seeing how different people use the same kit in so many different ways. There is always an idea or direction to take with a product that I wouldn't have thought of doing on my own.


DT's are important to me cause i draw inspiration from them!!!!

good luck with the search!!!


Nicole Brenna

I love DTs and I love being on Dts... nothing makes me happier than to see that I can inspire someone else to great something beautiful!

dannelle y.

happy thursday!!! :o) DT's are awesome since everyone has a different style and you can learn something new that they've created or possibly scrap-lift and add your own style. :o)

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