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June 24, 2014


Shannon Miller

Love that stamp wall..thanks for sharing :)

Debbie Lou

WOWZERS on the stamp wall -- it is jaw-dropping! And I love the washi tape idea as well :)


Great idea for those Michael's stackable for wash tape...and ribbon spools...thanks!

Carla Hundley

Can't wait to see
your room and all the
great ideas from it.
Love washi tape too!
Carla from Utah

Tracy J

Love love love the stamp storage!

Margie Visnick

Great idea for the washi tape, and I love the stamp wall!

Karly Mauldin

I love the washi storage!

Heather Thompson

I love how you store your washi tape. I want to see more.

MIchelle K

I love the stamp wall..except I don't have that many wood stamps.

maria ball

Inspiration for us all!!

Terri B.

Ok, this is my favorite part of the hop so far. Love!

barbara macaskill

WASHI! WASHI! WASHI! LOVE me some WASHI! LOL I have hundreds of rolls of it and love your storage idea! Thanks for the storage idea! Can't wait to see this magazine in it's entirety!

michelle hill

Thank You EVERYONE!!! I just love creating and having a space to do in all in is so nice.. :) xo xo Michelle

Lisa T.

Wow now that's a fair amount of stamps, love the fact that you have the space to display them and have them in sight to use. Color me green with envy.

Heather B.

Do you have directions for your stamp wall? Its fabulous!! I have probably a thousand stamps and would love to have a way to see more of what I have. I actually thought someday I will have castor screen walls that could rotate and open close kind of like closet doors--- but that will have to be in an actual house---- oh to dream. Did I say how much I love your stamp wall :)

Margaret Roberts

So happy to see your washi organized by color, and stamps by theme. I organize everything by color and theme, and it's so much easier to find things! Looking forward to seeing your space.

dannelle y.

i love your scrapbook room!! it's the BEST!! it's always full of creativity and inspiration!! soo happy you are featured in "creative spaces" yay!! :D

Kirsten J

I love seeing your room and do have a question: are you an "organize as you go" person....or have you ever done the "take it all out and start fresh" type? I can maybe do that with a dresser or closet, but a craft room? Ugh, but I think I might need to.

Carmen Lucero

Such a nice husband - he's a keeper! I almost bought a stamp organizer from a stamp store that was going out of business, but it was going to be very difficult getting it up the spiral staircase. I improvised with a couple of book cases and I'm happy with the outcome. Thanks for sharing and congrats on being published. I have plans for buying the magazine since there's a few people's craft room I want to see.

Lucy Schmidt

The stamp organizer (and builder) are wonderful. How nice to have things out where you can see them, and also have them as a design elements. Congratulations on being a featured crafter in the the magazine!

Laura Turcotte

wow-----just wow!!!!

Bobbie Brock

LOVE that stamp wall - will have to check out the hardware store for some new inspiration on storage ideas!


ooooohhh....love your stamp wall and washi bins...looks AWESOME.

Tiffany H

That is quite an impressive collection of washi! LOVE!

Jennifer Greer

So excited to read this issue!

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